LEGO Legend of Zelda Coming Soon?

LEGO Legend of Zelda

MOC by Wes Talbott

In one of the more obscure rumours to have floated across my desk today would be the inclusion of LEGO Legend of Zelda in Nintendo’s postponed  Nintendo Direct announcement.

As many of you know, there was an earthquake in Hokkaido recently which has delayed the presentation but someone managed to get a list of games that would have been revealed during the event.


It could very well be that we are just getting a LEGO Legend of Zelda game but it would seem like wasted opportunity if they did not make any sets based on the game.

LEGO Legend of Zelda

Considering that The LEGO Group has already developed a relationship with gaming related sets with IPs like Minecraft and Overwatch, Nintendo would be a great fit for LEGO.

Now this is all just a rumour so do take everything with a bucket of salt till we know more!

(Thanks to the Brickshow for the heads up)

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