Teal Coloured LEGO Brick Separator Coming in 2019!

Some lucky AFOLs were able to attend a special fan event for the 40th anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure at the LEGO House and it was revealed that next year will see the introduction of brick separators in brand new colour.

The LEGO® Group reintroduced teal-coloured LEGO elements (Bright Bluish Green / Dark Turquoise) this year and now it will be the colour of our brick separators as well.

Brick separators traditionally come in orange and green although there have been sightings of red and even transparent colour variations.

I remember seeing one of the old brick separators in yellow colour too.

Here is a photo of the new teal brick separator next to a LEGO MOC for colour comparison.

©Hannah Gwynne

©Hannah Gwynne

What do you all think about the new colour? What other colours would you like to see the brick separators come in?

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