LEGO City and Creator 2019 Sets Found in Canada!

Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)

A toy store in Canada has started selling the LEGO City and Creator 2019 sets in their physical stores.

We haven’t seen the official images yet but thanks to Mastermind Toys, we now have our very first look at next year’s wave.

Deep Sea Creatures (31088) – 230pcs

Deep Sea Creatures (31088)

Futuristic Flyer (31086) – 157pcs

Futuristic Flyer (31086)

Shuttle Transporter (31091) – 341pcs

Shuttle Transporter (30191)

Sunset Track Racer (31089) – 221pcs

Sunset Track Racer (31089)

Dune Buggy (31087) – 147pcs

Dune Buggy (31087)

Downtown Fire Brigade (60216) – 943pcs

Downtown Fire Brigade (60216)

Dock Side Fire (60213) – 97pcs

Dock Side Fire (60213)

Barbecue Burn Out (60212) – 64pcs

Barbecue Burn Out (60212)

Diving Yacht (60221) – 148pcs

Diving Yacht (60221)

Snow Groomer (60222) – 197pcs

Snow Groomer (60222)

Harvester Transport (60223) – 358pcs

Harvester Transport (60223)

Garbage Truck(60220) – 90pcs

Garbage Truck(60220)

Desert Rally Racer (60218) – 75pcs

Desert Rally Racer (60218)

It looks like there is a “fire rescue” sub theme for this wave and the Creator sets look pretty good especially the Deep Sea Creatures (31088) set. There also seems to be new “shooters” introduced in this wave with the fire rescue sets.

Prices are still not known yet but will update this once it is available.

(Via imgur. Thanks to cm4sci for the heads up!)

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  1. Narelle Kidd says:

    Are these sets being released in Australia

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