LEGO BrickHeadz is Alive and Well in 2019!

lego-brickheadz-2019Love it or hate it, the LEGO BrickHeadz line will continue in 2019 with a handful of sets that will be available early next year.

There was a rumour that the line would be ending but thanks to the LEGO product database, we are now able to confirm that we will still see LEGO BrickHeadz on the shelves.

There are some sets that will form the LEGO Seasonal theme along with a couple of one-ofs like the Birthday Clown BrickHeadz (40348) which looks to replace the Birthday Buddy (40226)

Dragon Dance Guy (40354)

Dragon Dance Guy (40354) 01
Dragon Dance Guy (40354) 04
Dragon Dance Guy (40354) 02


Birthday Clown (40348)

Birthday Clown (40348) 01
Birthday Clown (40348) 03
Birthday Clown (40348) 02


Puppy (40349)

Puppy (40349) 02
Puppy (40349) 05
Puppy (40349) 01

The LEGO Seasonal BrickHeadz Puppy (40349) box art also reveals the line up for the rest of the Seasonal sets for the year and we are looking to get the following:

Easter – Chick (40350)
Halloween – Ghost (40351)
Christmas – Reindeer, Elf, Elfie (40353)


These would complement this year’s wave of Seasonal BrickHeadz which means that our beloved vignette will not be making a comeback next year. Which would you have preferred? BrickHeadz or vignettes for Seasonal sets?

(Images via Brickset)

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