Uniqlo LEGO T-Shirts 2019 Preview


Japanese apparel line, Uniqlo, is back with even more T-Shirt designs for 2019!

We saw some really cool designs from the last wave like the Classic Spaceman T-shirt and the one with the evolution of the LEGO logos.

LEGO Uniqlo goods_15_416490_20181231090201825

LEGO Uniqlo goods_00_417248


LEGO Uniqlo goods_09_414536_20181231090031583

LEGO Uniqlo goods_00_416489

LEGO Uniqlo goods_45_414536

LEGO Uniqlo goods_69_414536

LEGO Uniqlo goods_69_416067

LEGO Uniqlo goods_65_416068

LEGO Uniqlo goods_09_414271

So far we’ve seen six t-shirt as well as three sets of sweatpants and tops. There should be more designs rolled out in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

(Via BrickFanz)

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