The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Minifigure Feel Guide!


The character images to The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Collectible Minifigure Series were released a few days ago so I thought I would work on the feel guide over the weekend as there are a lot of cool minifigures to get from this wave!

There are a lot of ‘big’ characters like the Giraffe Guy and Crayon Girl who will definitely be easy to spot but there are some which might require a little more direction so here goes!

Awesome Remix Emmet

The unique items to look for are the coffee cup and the 1×2 printed tile.  The cup should feel like a small cylinder and the 1×2 tile should feel flat and rectangular. His hairpiece is also easy to identify as it has the notches at the side for the earpiece.


Battle-Ready Lucy

Lucy’s quiver should feel rectangular and a little bit bendy. The binoculars also unique to her character which would feel like two small rods joined together side by side. Her hoodie should feel smooth and round for further confirmation.


Apocalypse Benny

Benny is the only one with a bionic arm so it will feel different from the other torsos. His red tool box should feel like a 1×3 brick and as he is a classic spaceman, he also has a set of airtanks.

lego-71023-Apocalypse Benny

Giraffe Guy

The tallest character in this series, he is quite easy to spot as his ‘giraffe’ hairpiece is long and has the two antlers at the top. He also comes with the new leaf element which feels like a grappling hook in the packet.

lego-71023-giraffe suit guy

Crayon Girl

Her crayon costume is long and cylindrical with a pointy top at one end. She also has a 2×2 square tile so try not to confuse her with Scarecrow.

lego-71023-crayon suit girl

Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield

Sherry’s cat would be the item that you should be looking for. It will feel odd-shaped in the packet but search for the tail and mohawk to identify this apocalyptic feline.


Hula Lula

She has a 2×2 round tile that is unique to her. She also has a microphone which will feel like a cylinder with a knob at one end. Her pixie hairpiece should feel bumpy.


Watermelon Dude

The watermelon costume should feel like a giant wedge in the packet. And if you need further confirmation, he has a printed quarter tile as well.


Flashback Lucy

Lucy’s gold record award is a printed 2×3 tile which is unique to her character. She also has a microphone like Hula Lula, Kitty Pop and Candy Rapper so be careful.


The Swamp Creature

Look for the whip if you are searching for him as that is the unique item. It should feel long and bendy. His mask should feel like there are fins at the side.


Candy Rapper

Candy has a pink microphone as well as a 1×2 printed tile. Her tutu would feel like a flat disc with ridges so look out for that to confirm that it is her. Do note that Flashback Lucy, Hula Lula and Kitty Pop all have the same microphone.


Gone Golfin’ President Business

His golf club would be easy to find as it is a long rod with a ‘hook’ at the end. His hairpiece should feel blocky which would seal the deal.


Apocalypseburg Abe

His top hat is a dead giveaway so look for that. He has a brick built axe with a 3L bar and a blade piece so that should confirm that it is him.


Vest Friend Rex

The baby velociraptor will be the piece to look out for. It is one solid piece with a little indentation in the middle. Feel for the brim of his fedora to confirm that it is Rex.


Kitty Pop

Her unique item would be the guitar. Feel for the neck of the guitar as it should feel like a rod with a flat outcropping at the end. Her hairpiece has kitty ears that should feel like notches on her hair.


Dorothy Gale & Toto

Toto the dog is the element to look out for. He will feel odd-shaped in the packet with a little tail at the end. Dorothy’s hairpiece has pony tails which would be easy to spot.


Cowardly Lion

His hairpiece should feel big and a bit bumpy. He also has a unique tail which should feel rubbery and can bend. He has a 1×2 tile but so does Awesome Remix Emmet and Candy Rapper so do take note.



Feel for his hat.It should feel smooth and pointy at the tip. He is the only other character besides Crayon Girl with a 2×2 square tile so combine that with the hat and you have your Scarecrow.


Tin Man

He has the new heart tile which is unique to his character. He also has the axe which will feel like a 3L bar with a flat piece at the end. His hair piece is a funnel so look for the pointy bit.



Unikitty is super easy to spot as she is the only one in this series that is brick built. Just find the packetw ith the most bricks and it should be her.


Have fun hunting for them and as always, help your fellow AFOL if you already found the minifigures you are looking for. Sharing your minifigure finds is a great way to meet new AFOLs! Good hunting everyone!

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  1. Dougie Fresh says:

    Thank you for posting! Have you done this with an actual box yet? It sounds like there is an extra layer of packaging that might make things tricky this time out. What are your thoughts?

  2. Raechel Sykes says:

    This is going to have inner packaging like unikitty. It Should make it near impossible to be a feeler.

  3. Timothy Anna says:

    When are these suppose to be released to stores?

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