LEGO Star Wars Summer 2019 Wave Official Images

lego-star-wars-aprilThe LEGO Star Wars sets were revealed during the New York Toy Fair and now we have the official images to the box art and product to share with you.

There are two sets from the latest animated offering from Lucasfilm, Star Wars Resistance. They feature two of the coolest ships from the series with one of them being a red First Order TIE Interceptor!

Major Vonreg’s TIE Fighter (75240) – 496 parts / €69.99

Minifigures: Major Vonreg, General Leia, Kaz Xiono, Bucket

LEGO-75240-Major-Vonregs-TIE-Fighter-1 LEGO-75240-Major-Vonregs-TIE-Fighter-5LEGO-75240-Major-Vonregs-TIE-Fighter-4 LEGO-75240-Major-Vonregs-TIE-Fighter-3 LEGO-75240-Major-Vonregs-TIE-Fighter-2

Black Ace TIE Interceptor (75242) – 396 parts / €59.99

Minifigures: Poe Dameron, BB-8, Griff Halloran

LEGO-75242-Black-Ace-TIE-Interceptor-1 LEGO-75242-Black-Ace-TIE-Interceptor-3LEGO-75242-Black-Ace-TIE-Interceptor-2


Action Battle Echo Base Defense (75241) – 504 Parts / €59.99

Minifigures: Rebel Trooper (x3), Snowtrooper (x2)

LEGO-75241-Action-Battle-Echo-Base-Defense-1 LEGO-75241-Action-Battle-Echo-Base-Defense-5LEGO-75241-Action-Battle-Echo-Base-Defense-4 LEGO-75241-Action-Battle-Echo-Base-Defense-3LEGO-75241-Action-Battle-Echo-Base-Defense-2

Duel on Starkiller Base (75236) – 191 parts / €19,99

Minifigures: Rey, Kylo Ren

LEGO-75236-Duel-on-Starkiller-Base-1LEGO-75236-Duel-on-Starkiller-Base-5LEGO-75236-Duel-on-Starkiller-Base-4 LEGO-75236-Duel-on-Starkiller-Base-3 LEGO-75236-Duel-on-Starkiller-Base-2

Action Battle Endor Assault (75238) – 193 parts / €29,99

Minifigures: Wicket, Scout Trooper

LEGO-75238-Action-Battle-Endor-Assault-1LEGO-75238-Action-Battle-Endor-Assault-5LEGO-75238-Action-Battle-Endor-Assault-4 LEGO-75238-Action-Battle-Endor-Assault-3 LEGO-75238-Action-Battle-Endor-Assault-2

Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack (75239) – 234 parts / €29,99

Minifigures: Rebel Trooper, SnowtrooperLEGO-75239-Action-Battle-Hoth-Generator-Attack-1

LEGO-75239-Action-Battle-Hoth-Generator-Attack-4 LEGO-75239-Action-Battle-Hoth-Generator-Attack-3 LEGO-75239-Action-Battle-Hoth-Generator-Attack-2

It seems like The LEGO Group is infusing their LEGO Star Wars sets with a lot more playability with the rubber shooters and fall away sections of the build.

The sets will hit the shelves in the month of April so watch those wallets!


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