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LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus (75957) Officially Revealed!


When I posted about the LEGO Harry Potter sets a couple of days ago, there was still one set that I didn’t have an official image for but thanks to LEGO, I can now add the LEGO Harry Potter The Knight Bus (75957) to the list! There is only one box image but it does […]

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Lepin Launches NUOGAO Blocks


In the wake of the clone bricks factory raid which saw goods worth  RMB200 million seized and the arrest of the CEO of Lepin comes a piece of news that is while troubling, is not much of a surprise. Lepin’s official online store,, has updated its website with a listing titled “NUOGAO” and if you click on […]

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Midnight Opening Event at LEGO Store Leicester Square!


LEGO teased a mysterious midnight event at the LEGO Store Leicester Square a couple of days ago with the above image upon closer inspection, all signs point to a LEGO Stranger Things D2C! There are a couple of clues which alludes to a LEGO set based on the hit Netflix streaming series. The content that is peaking […]

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LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (40333) Official Images


I reported on the LEGO Star Wars Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (40333) gift with purchase that will be available for the May the 4th Star Wars celebration this year a week back and now LEGO has released the official images to the set! It depicts one of the most iconic battles in the […]

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Shanghai Police Seize RMB200 Million Worth of Lepin Sets


In a bid to stay level the playing field and showing to the global markets that China does uphold intellectual property rights, the Shanghai police has raided a Lepin factory and seized over 200 million yuan (SGD40 million) worth of goods. This would be the first notable action against the clone bricks company after the court […]

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LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103) Official Details!


The Bricksworld LEGO Certified Store in Singapore just announced that the much anticipated LEGO Dragon Boat Race (80103) will hit the shelves on May 1st! According to the website, it will be an online purchase only which means you would need to log in here to do so. The recommended retail price for this set is SGD$84.90. There […]

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LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2019 Sets First Look!


Amazon Italy recently uploaded a bunch of LEGO Harry Potter summer set images which actually sheds some light on what to expect in the next couple of months. There are three sets revealed so far and they do look like updates to an older LEGO Harry Potter set like Hagrid’s Hut while introducing new ones like […]

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LEGO City Summer 2019 Set Images!


It is the season for LEGO Summer sets to be revealed and thanks to an online toy store Misterbricks in Belgium, we now have the first look at some of the LEGO City sets that will be coming out later this year. The Carnival Party Pack is a must get for those building up their fairground […]

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LEGO Abolishes Regional Exclusives!


LEGO just released a statement that spells good news for the greater AFOL community. In a bid to allow a wider consumer base to enjoy their products, they will be abolishing the system of distribution where only a particular region receives certain exclusive sets. It has been a bane for most global collectors when a LEGO […]

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LEGO Architecture Empire State Building Sneak Peek!


An online toy store in Belgium has uploaded our first look at the the LEGO Architecture Empire State Building (21046). The set clocks in at 1,767 pieces which is about 100 more pieces than the LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty (21042) so I would imagine that this would be of similar height and size. The website […]

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