LEGO April Fools 2019 Round Up!


Every year, the first of April is celebrated across the interwebs with all manner of hilarity.

I’ve compiled whatever I’ve come across into this one collection for easy perusal for the LEGO fan who is just slightly bored at work and needs a bit of a chuckle. Enjoy!

Collectible LEGO Brick Separator Series Revealed – BrickFanz

Collecting is a big part of an AFOL’s DNA and rare brick separators are valued items in the collector’s market. Why not double down and release a series of them? LEGO take note!

The Brothers Brick acquires Beyond the Brick YouTube channel – The Brothers Brick / Beyond The Brick

Collaborating with fellow RLFM (Recognised LEGO Fan Media) does add a lot of credence to the ruse as both The Brothers Brick and Beyond the Brick have shown here with their merger. They even have a video to boot!

LEGO Announces VIP Personalized Shopper Program – The Brick Fan

Personalised shopping is essentially a redundancy system where the time it took you to input your preferences would have been the time it would require for you to buy it anyway. LEGO VIP New 2019 Changes

Find My Brick App – LEGO

An app that turns your mobile phone into a veritable brick detector based on colour. I would love to see this tackle oxidised parts.


Steamboat Willie Resilience Build; Nostalgia+ Program announced – The Rambling Brick

This answers the question of what would current day builds look like with yesteryear’s sensibilities.

Brickset under new management – Brickset will now be known as which is exactly what every AFOL needs, a database on all the different clikits available.



A brand new element that was ‘discovered’ on April 1st is highly suspect but hang on, this is actually real??

LEGO Mall of America set – cm4sci

I actually would plonk good money down for this.


Sandbox Dotti – Kupi Bricks

A Brickheadz version of one of the characters from the Sandbox Fast Play Shooter game.


Impossibly large Creation – The Brick Nerd

The largest LEGO brick ever made is the one without a a banana for scale.


LEGO Foot Reflexology Set – Udn Game

A LEGO set as a foot massager? Sign me up!

game udn 01

game udn 02

There you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I had compiling the article. I’m sure there a a lot more LEGO related April Fools jokes out there and if you see something that isn’t on here, drop me a comment below and I’ll add it to the list!

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