LEGO Darth Vader Bust (75227) Instructions!


A little digging into the LEGO instructions database has revealed that they have quietly uploaded the manual for the Star Wars Celebration 2019 exclusive LEGO Darth Vader Bust (75227) set.

The set consists of 327 parts and from the looks of the parts list, there isn’t any exclusive parts and pretty much most of the elements can be found in regular sets.


Even though this is a Star Wars Celebration exclusive and will eventually be sold as a Target Red Card exclusive, at least we now have the instructions to build this on our own without having to jump through multiple hurdles to own a set.

You can download the instructions here. Good hunting everyone!

One response to “LEGO Darth Vader Bust (75227) Instructions!”

  1. Craig says:

    In Australia and would love to get it.

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