Midnight Opening Event at LEGO Store Leicester Square!


LEGO teased a mysterious midnight event at the LEGO Store Leicester Square a couple of days ago with the above image upon closer inspection, all signs point to a LEGO Stranger Things D2C!

There are a couple of clues which alludes to a LEGO set based on the hit Netflix streaming series. The content that is peaking out from the ‘classified’ file folder shows two sheets of paper, one torn parchment and the other printed with a grid.

Maps have always been a key feature in the series an especially when Will Byers plotted a map of upside down in his living room.


But the ultimate giveaway would be the edge of the photo which looks like the top of someone’s head and with a bit of digging through the interwebs, it does match this picture of the Byer’s boy below.


LEGO-Stranger-things-75810 resze

I’ve heard rumblings about an upcoming LEGO Stranger Things set since last year and this is the first piece of news from LEGO itself that brings this rumour one step closer to reality.

From the event page, the set should launch at midnight of May 15th with a simultaneous release in other global markets. No details as to the pricing although some have pegged it to be around SGD$350 which would make this quite a large set.

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