Toy Store Found Using LEGO Stickers On Non-LEGO Sets


We are all familiar with the ongoing intellectual property battle between LEGO and Lepin/NOUGAO but it seems even that isn’t slowing down the flagrant misuse of the LEGO logo.

A toy rental store in Shanghai has been found to use stickers of the LEGO logo to masquerade non-LEGO sets as original LEGO products.


You can see from the image below that the sets featured do not appear in any LEGO catalogue and on closer inspection, the LEGO logo is actually a printed sticker.



It is not clear at this point if different brick companies had knowledge of this duplicity or that this was the initiative of the toy rental store itself.



Do note that these alternate brick companies produces brick sets that do not infringe on LEGO’s intellectual property copyrights.

With all the fake LEGO that has been flooding the brick markets, it would be prudent to check the products that you purchase while travelling overseas.

(Special thanks to Wooden Duck for the heads up!)

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