LEGO Ideas 10th Anniversary Fan Re-Vote!


LEGO Ideas is celebrating their 10th year anniversary and are giving a second chance for these LEGO Ideas project to be made into actual LEGO sets!

These projects made it to the 10,000K votes but were not selected initially for reasons that were pertinent at the time but it seems that the LEGO Ideas team have overcome those obstacles and now these are primed to be put on the shelf!

Small YELLOW by Nathan Sawaya


Stitch by Legohaulic

International Space Station by XCLD


Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke


I’m a big fan of retro arcades and the Sega Classic Arcade Machines really does tap onto the nostalgia. The voting option for these four projects are already live and you can vote by clicking on the links.

The number of votes are not reflected so as not to influence any potential project. The one that gets the most votes will be adorning the LEGO Brand/Certified Store shelves soon enough. Now whatever happened to that LEGO Ideas Treehouse?

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