New LEGO Overwatch Sets Bring Junkrat, Roadhog and Hammond to the Party!

lego-overwatch-roadhog-and-hammond-brickfinder-fbAmazon UK just updated their listings with two brand new LEGO Overwatch sets which expands the line up with Junkrat minifigure, a Roadhog bigfig and a Hammond animal figure!

The two sets are based Roadhog and Hammond who were characters that were added after the initial game was launched.

Wrecking Ball (75976) – £17.99

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Junkrat & Roadhog (75977) – £44.99

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I’m pretty excited about these two sets as I’m a fan of Overwatch (I play but I’m not very good), as the LEGO models are just spot on. Hammond’s Wrecking Ball is just ultra cute.

I can’t wait to see more sets roll out for the summer release.

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