This “LEGO” Sci-Fi Short Film Took Five Years To Make!


Call it what you may, “VESTIGE” is a gorgeous short film that is essentially a love letter to LEGO space.

Written and directed by Brian Ellis, former toy designer on the LEGO Bionicle team, made sure that every shot was made with practical effects with zero computer generated imagery (CGI).

Check out the short film below as well as a documentary on the production process along with an interview with Brian himself.

The really cool bit of trivia is that the space ship and the lander are made by Mark John Stafford, Senior LEGO Designer of the LEGO Jurassic Park T-Rex Rampage (75936) set!




I hope someone releases the instructions for that shuttle as it looks wicked! Would love to have that on my display cabinet.

Mark also did the lander which the production team gave a paint job and some weathering to make it more “realistic”.

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