LEGO Star Wars Mini Droid Commander (75522) Gift With Purchase Coming Soon!

lego-5006036-droid-gwp-fbIn conjunction with the launch of the LEGO Boost Star Wars Droid Commander (75253), LEGO will be releasing an ultra cute mini version.

The mini-Droid Commander feature the three droids, R2-D2 as a minifigure and brick built micro versions of the Gonk (GNK power droids) and the MSE-6-series repair droid.

lego-5006036-droid-gwp-1It also comes with the LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary 2×4 tile which leads me to believe that this will coincide with the Force Friday celebrations.

lego-star-wars-gwp-5006036-0002Details on how to redeem it has been a bit scant but I suspect that the promotion will require one to purchase the LEGO Boost Star Wars Droid Commander set.


And if anyone is interested in building this before the promotion goes live, the instructions are on the LEGO instructions server which you can download here.


(Via Promobricks)

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