Mysterious LEGO Teaser Video Easter Eggs!


LEGO released a short mysterious teaser video today which features some rather cryptic imagery. I’ve broken down some of the scenes to see if there are any clues as to what LEGO might be alluding to.

The first shot has a bi-spectacled man in jungle fatigues with a life-sized LEGO Bow and Arrow. The arrow is coloured yellow with red for the wing tips and the bow sports a black handle.


The traditional LEGO Bow and Arrow are usually uniform in colour in black or reddish brown.


The next shot features two humanoid figures with animal heads which is most likely a reference to the Fabuland theme that ended its run in 1989.


The series had anthropomorphic animal characters which were a bit larger than the regular LEGO minifigures.

11011296254_d03be8ef8e_b - jerome

Fabuland figures @JéRôMe

The figures are also holding the enlarged versions of the classic LEGO cups which actually have been made into actual LEGO lifestyle products which you could purchase.


The next scene has a fire engine in the background that looks similar to the LEGO City Fire Trucks that we are so accustomed to.


LEGO produces a version of the fire truck almost every year for the LEGO City line.


There is a fireman in the shot that is decked out in a yellow uniform which is different from the usual black and red motifs.


The LEGO City Fire Plane (4209) set, which was released in 2012, has a LEGO fireman minifigure in the same colour combination.

The next shot is simply packed with a tonne of LEGO references from the surf board to the snorkeler to the “just married” couple and the oversized bouquet of flowers.


The surfboard that is precariously hanging off the side of the pink building has the same design as the LEGO surfboard that came with the surfer minifigure from CMF series 2.

Sterling Virginia, United States - June 22, 2013: Lego Surfer mini figure from Series 2. Lego figures are a small plastic toy produced by the Danish toy manufacturer the Lego Group. Mini figures were first produced in 1978

There isn’t an official snorkeler minifigure but the man in the shot does sport orange flippers which is something that the LEGO diver minifigures used at one point.


The wedding couple is straight out of the LEGO Wedding Favour (40165) set which had a bride and groom minifigure with the bride holding a bouquet of flowers.


The lady photographer is holding an exact up-scaled replica of the LEGO camera system with a lens attachment

The construction worker in the foreground is a reference to Emmet from the LEGO Movie or at least a construction worker minifgure.


The final shot of the video is of what looks to be a yellow raft that zips across the sky.


Granted that rafts are usually surrounded by water, either someone catapulted that dingy into the air or it could be a LEGO space ship that we’ve never seen before.

Some have speculated that this might be a reboot of the Fabuland series which has grown a cult following since its retirement or it could be a line of life-sized LEGO products. I for one would be sorely disappointed if it wasn’t the latter.

I’m sure there are some details that I’ve missed and if you spot anything that isn’t listed in here, do drop a comment in the comments section!

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