LEGO Architecture Tokyo and Dubai Skyline Coming in 2020?


With the year coming entering it’s fourth quarter, the rumour mill has started to churn again.

Our friends over at Promobricks are reporting that there will be seeing two new LEGO Architecture Skylines on the horizon.

LEGO Architecture Tokyo Skyline (21051) – 547 parts – 59.99€


LEGO Tokyo Skyline MOC by Cecilie Fritzvold

One would be hard pressed to select the structures to include in the Tokyo Skyline as the nation’s capital is just packed with iconic buildings.

LEGO Architecture Dubai Skyline (21052) – 740 pieces – 59,99€

LEGO Dubai Skyline MOC by Anscott2

LEGO Ideas Dubai Skyline submission by Anscott2

There is already a LEGO Ideas project featuring the Dubai Skyline by Anscott2

These are the prices for Europe although there could be some adjustments when it reaches the different markets so check with your local retailer.

What would you like to see in both the Tokyo and Dubai skyline? Comment below!

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