LEGO Creator 2020 1HY Product Images!


This is the first batch of LEGO Creator 2020 1HY set images which showcases the 3-in-1 offerings for the next year.

There is quaint habitat entry with the Townhouse Toy Store (31105) and the Monster Burger Truck (31104) has a cute brick built doggie.

Monster Burger Truck (31104) – 499pcs

lego-creator-burger-monster-truck lego-creator-burger-monster-truck-4 lego-creator-burger-monster-truck-1 lego-creator-burger-monster-truck-2 lego-creator-burger-monster-truck-3

Firedragon (31102) – 234pcs

lego-creator-feuerdrache lego-creator-feuerdrache-6 lego-creator-feuerdrache-1 lego-creator-feuerdrache-2 lego-creator-feuerdrache-3 lego-creator-feuerdrache-4 lego-creator-feuerdrache-5

Sports Cars (31103) – 134pcs

lego-creator-raketen-truck lego-creator-raketen-truck-5 lego-creator-raketen-truck-4 lego-creator-raketen-truck-3 lego-creator-raketen-truck-2 lego-creator-raketen-truck-1

Monster Truck (31101) – 163pcs

IMG_7734 IMG_7729 IMG_7733 IMG_7732 IMG_7731 IMG_7730

Townhouse Toy Store (31105) – 554pcs

lego-creator-spielzeugladen-im-stadthaus lego-creator-spielzeugladen-im-stadthaus-6 lego-creator-spielzeugladen-im-stadthaus-1 lego-creator-spielzeugladen-im-stadthaus-2 lego-creator-spielzeugladen-im-stadthaus-3

There should be more LEGO Creator reveals in the next couple of days especially with the LEGO Creator Expert Modular announcement which should be eminent.

(Via Wooden Duck)

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  1. Gemma Goff says:

    Love it so much, creator is the best.

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