LEGO Technic 2020 1.HY Sets Revealed!


The LEGO Technic Top Gear Rally Car (42109) set was announced yesterday and today sees the first salvo of LEGO Technic set images for the first half of 2020.

Some of them have been leaked before like the Mobile Crane (42108) and the Catamaran (42105) but at least now we get a much clearer look at the model.

Buggy (42101) – 117 pcs – 9,99€

lego-technic-2020-42101-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42101-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42101-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42101-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42101-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42101-0006pb

Mini CLAAS XERION  (42102) – 130 pcs – 9,99€

lego-technic-2020-42102-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42102-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42102-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42102-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42102-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42102-0006pb

Dragster (42103) – 225 pcs – 19,99€

lego-technic-2020-42103-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42103-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42103-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42103-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42103-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42103-0006pb lego-technic-2020-42103-0007pb

Race Truck (42104) – 227 pcs – 19,99€

lego-technic-2020-42104-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42104-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42104-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42104-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42104-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42104-0006pb lego-technic-2020-42104-0007pb

Catamaran (42105) – 404 pcs – 39,99€

lego-technic-2020-42105-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42105-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42105-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42105-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42105-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42105-0006pb

Stunt Show Truck & Bike (42106) – 610 pcs – 49.99€

lego-technic-2020-42106-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42106-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42106-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42106-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42106-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42106-0006pb

Mobile Crane (42108) – 1292 pcs – 99.99€

lego-technic-2020-42108-0001pb lego-technic-2020-42108-0002pb lego-technic-2020-42108-0003pb lego-technic-2020-42108-0004pb lego-technic-2020-42108-0005pb lego-technic-2020-42108-0006pb lego-technic-2020-42108-0007pb

App-Controlled Top Gear Rally Car (72109) – 463 pcs – 129.99€

42109_Box1_v39 42109_Box5_v39 42109_Prod 42109_WEB_SEC04_NOBG


There is actually one more LEGO Technic listing (LEGO Technic ??? – 42107) however there are no images for it yet. I will update this list once that becomes available.

These sets should start appearing on the shelves at the end of December / early January. Good hunting everyone!

(Via Promobricks)

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  2. Jermain says:

    Nice good LEGO Technic sets coming in 2020 and how about USA pries

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