LEGO Amsterdam Windmill (6315023) Instructions


The LEGO Brand Store in Amsterdam opened its doors over the weekend to a slew of exclusives.

This lovely little LEGO Amsterdam Windmill (6315023) was available to anyone who spent a minimum of 75€ on any LEGO product. Windmill-instructions-amsterdam-preview

For those who were not able to get their hands on it, AFOL Martin Mikkleson shared the instructions online so that we all might have a chance to own one.

Here is the parts list however the image is a bit blurry but you should still be able to make out what the parts are.


I’ve also compiled the instructions to a handy .pdf file that you can download here.

The parts are not unique and shouldn’t be too hard to gather. Good hunting everyone!

4 responses to “LEGO Amsterdam Windmill (6315023) Instructions”

  1. Carol WIlliams says:

    that is just awesome, my father was born in Holland and he would have loved that.

  2. Martin Zimmermann says:

    What colour does the big Slope (3rd part on the right side of the part list) have? Are they new?

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