Review: LEGO Xtra Sports Accessories (40375) and Botanical Accessories (40376)


The latest LEGO Xtra polybags; Botanical Accessories (40376) and Sports Accessories (40375) arrived just slightly before Christmas and I only had time to take a look at them now in-between festivities.

I figure that I’ll do a slightly different format this time as it would probably be easier to review them concurrently.

Sports Accessories (40375)

LEGO Xtra Sports Accessories (40375)

There is only 36 pieces which is pretty much sticking to the standard piece count of the last couple of LEGO Xtras poybags.

The sports accessories seem to be leaning towards a ‘winter’ theme as we get a couple of ice hockey sticks and pucks with a couple of goal posts, a pair of skis and ski poles, pair of black ice skates plus a ski and safety helmet.


There is also a brick built archery target along with the complementary bow and arrow. There is also a gold trophy with a pair of red roller skates.


While this is a nice addition to your Winter Village diorama, I can’t shake the feeling that there might be more ‘sports’ themed accessory packs along the way.

I could totally see a Sports Accessory pack with footballs, basketballs and even the new “rugby” ball minifigure accessory making pretty decent bank.

The LEGO Xtra Sports Accessory (40375) will retail for SGD$7.90 and should be available come January 1st 2020.


This is a pretty decent pack for the price if you were purchasing just these elements individually from Bricklink or Brickowl after shipping is factored in.

Botanical Accessories (40376)

LEGO Xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)

This would be the second ‘botanical’ accessory polybag that is released by LEGO with the first one (40310) released a years ago.

This has an additional tree element along with a couple of reddish brown fences. It also comes with four 4×3 leaves, two for each colour white and lime green.

LEGO Xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)
Botanical Accessories (40376)
Botanical Accessories (40376)

It also has the new plant plate seen in some of the recent releases both in green and orange plus pink and light azure flower studs.

Botanical Accessories (40376)
Botanical Accessories (40376)

There is a brick built tree that utilises the lime green leaves which I think can be interchanged with the white ones to depict a winter scene.

LEGO Xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)

A smattering of red flower elements and a couple of green stems round out the inventory for this polybag.

LEGO Xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)

As mentioned above, this will retail for SGD$7.90 and will be available in January 1st 2020.

LEGO Xtra Botanical Accessories (40376)

I do personally feel that the LEGO Xtra set of polybags are targeted primarily at the casual LEGO fan who wants to add a little extra to their existing sets but these are really handy for moccers as well if you are in need for a quick fix and cannot wait for Bricklink / Brickowl to ship the parts to you.

A sincere thank you to LEGO AFOL Relations & Programs (ARP) team for sending me this set to review. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed in this review do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the LEGO Group. Review sets sent in does not guarantee a positive review.

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