LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Results Announced!

The results for the LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review are out and there are two projects that will be made into actual LEGO sets!

Medieval Blacksmith

The first set is the Medieval Blacksmith by Clemens Fiedler (aka Namirob). There are some really nice build techniques which I’m interested in seeing how LEGO Ideas translates it into an actual set.

Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh project by Ben Alder (aka benlouisa) is the second set to be getting the LEGO treatment. There is a huge Winnie the Pooh fanbase and this is pretty much a no-brainer since that LEGO already has a working IP with Disney.

So there you have it! I honestly cannot wait for the Winnie The Pooh set as I’m a big fan of the original cartoon. The

2 responses to “LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Results Announced!”

  1. Mark Magin says:

    I was hoping for the “Thunderbirds”. Maybe next time. Not much of a Winnie the Poo kinda guy, but the Midievil Blacksmith has the same kind of appeal as the “Fishing Shack”.

  2. Mary Ramm says:

    I love the two chosen sets. But I also love the Seven Dwarves House, are there any more chances for this set?

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