LEGO Flower Instructions

Valentines Day is right upon us and if you’re thinking of cobbling together a LEGO flower for that special someone, you could try these instructions.

It only consists of 16 LEGO elements as you can see from the parts list below and it is not too hard to assemble (my opinion only).

How to Make a LEGO Flower

The flower petals uses the superhero capes which come in an assortment of colours for you to choose. I used the red capes from Superman minifigure of the recent LEGO DC Superheroes Collectible Minifigure series as they are easier to come by at the moment.

The trick is to ‘thread’ the capes and then cap one end with the 1×1 round plate with open stud on one end and then slot the lime green dish from the other end.

I’ve also listed out the parts here for easier reference:

  • 30374 – 4L Bar x1 (Reddish Brown)
  • 522 – Cape Cloth, Standard x4 (Red)
  • 3062b – 1×1 Round Brick Open Stud x6 (Lime)
  • 43898 – 3×3 Inverted Dish x1 (Lime)
  • 2423 – 4×3 Plant Leaf x2 (Lime)
  • 63965 – Bar 6L with Stop Ring x1 (Black)
  • 85861 – Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud x1 (Reddish Brown)

Good Hunting (for bricks) everyone! Happy Valentines Day!

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