LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed Officially Launches on February 27th!

Gameloft just announced today that the official release date for the “most vibrant turn-based RPG ever assembled” will be the 27th of February. However, it is actually already available in the countries that participated in the beta-test.

It is downloadable through the iTunes store or the google play store and it does add some polish and fixes some issues from the trial version.

The game is overall quite fun to play and there are quite a few minifigures to collect and level up. Each one has their own unique abilities which can combine with other characters to form different attack / defence strategies.

You can also collect “builds” to add bonuses to your line up and they just released The LEGO House within the game. I’ve only unlocked it but haven’t tried it out yet so more on that later.

Still a pretty fun romp but I’m not sure if this will appeal to the hardcore mobile game players. This is essentially a “gacha” styled game where you progress in the game collecting characters (ie. minifigures), power ups and items through random loot boxes.

There are a lot of really popular gacha games out there and it is pretty competitive. Hopefully this captures an audience and lasts longer than the previous foray into online gaming.

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