LEGO Ideas Music MOC Contest Details!

I seldom post about contests but this one has a really cool prize payout and also a chance to have your submission made into an official set!

All you need to do is to create a unique LEGO Creation that shows of your love for music. Your MOC should be between 50 – 3000 LEGO elements and any model that exceeds that range will be disqualified.

The LEGO Ideas team will be selecting 10 entries that will undergo a fan vote process similar to the usual LEGO Ideas submissions. However, the decision on whether the set will be turned into an official set lies solely on the team.

The usual LEGO Ideas product guidelines apply with a few exceptions listed below:

  • Submissions must be between 50 and 3000 LEGO elements in size approximately. At our discretion, we will reject any submissions that we believe to be under or over this brick limit. 
  • Entries must be new creations and not previously posted online or submitted to any other contest. Submissions to LEGO Ideas previously may be re-submitted as long as they still fit the current Product Ideas guidelines. 
  • Entries which are too heavily linked with the concept of the Playable LEGO Piano project by SleepyCow (in terms of size and functionality), which is currently in development, will not be considered for the Product Idea consideration part of this contest. 
  • You are allowed to use any official LEGO element (LEGO System, LEGO DUPLO, LEGO TECHNIC/Constraction) in your entry. The LEGO elements must be genuine (not cut, glued, or otherwise modified). Please be aware that using very old elements that may not exist anymore, and which are crucial to your model, may reduce the chance of your model’s potentials success in becoming an official LEGO Ideas set as the element moulds may not exist anymore. 
  • If you are submitting a contest entry based on a Third Party Intellectual Property (i.e. a music band or instrument manufacturer), then please use our Intellectual Property verification tool to determine whether or not we allow submissions on this intellectual property. If an Intellectual Property is not in our database, then you’re welcome to ask a moderator in the comments of the contest announcement blog post or simply submit your contest entry for review. 

Here is the prize payout:
  • A custom LEGO trophy 
  • A walk down LEGO Ideas memory lane with these incredible sets:  
    • 21104 NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover 
    • 21306 The Beatles Yellow Submarine 
    • 21301 Birds 
    • 21109 Exo Suit 
    • 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V 
    • 21313 Ship in a Bottle 
    • 21311 Voltron 
    • 21321 International Space Station 
  • The next LEGO Ideas set to launch…to be revealed later 
  • LEGO Ideas tote bag 

Three Runner Up winners will each receive: 
  • A custom LEGO build to commemorate your achievement 
  • 21321 International Space Station 
  • The next LEGO Ideas set to launch 
  • LEGO Ideas tote bag

I do believe that they would also include the LEGO Ideas minifigure as well if you are any of the winners.

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