LEGO Super Mario Starter Set (71360) Product Images

We had the first reveal of the LEGO Super Mario theme last month and now Amazon Spain has given us a closer look at the starter set!

It will consist of 231pcs and will retail for €59.99. It features a solid Mario figure and a brick-built Bowser and Goomba along an obstacle course that is has triggers when you place Mario over the printed tiles.

There are also some new elements that will debut with this set like the green warp pipes, a dark orange masonry brick and some red rounded corner plates with studs on the edge and center.

I’m actually intrigued as to how all this combines into that new interactive experience which LEGO promised. Watch this space!

One response to “LEGO Super Mario Starter Set (71360) Product Images”

  1. John says:

    Correction: Bowser Jr, not Bowser

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