LEGO Develops Protective Eyewear to Help Fight the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Special protective eyewear developed by The LEGO Group

According to a Facebook post by The Region of Southern Denmark, The LEGO Group has been quietly developing a protective eyewear for medical staff to use as part of their personal protective equipment (PPE) attire.

The Odense University Hospital along with Sygehus Lillebælt are testing these goggles and it proved successful. Hopefully these will be distributed to other hospitals across the rest of Denmark very soon.

In true LEGO form, some assembly required.

It is really heartwarming to see that major Multi-National Corporations contributing to the efforts of stemming this pandemic and helping our healthcare workers combat this virus.

Thanks LEGO! And for the rest of us, don’t forget to wash your hands!

3 responses to “LEGO Develops Protective Eyewear to Help Fight the Covid-19 Pandemic.”

  1. BJ Allen says:

    LEGO is proving not to be a company who makes bricks to build with but a company who really has a vested interest in humanity. Way to go LEGO and all your staff who created this product. Thank you

  2. Andy Razak says:

    Thank you Lego! It warms my heart to know that the company of a toy I used to play with in the late 70s is continuously impacting lives positively till today.

  3. Gloria Lulu says:

    Huge thanks LEGO. You only not provide the basic needs of the medical frontliners…
    Most importantly you promote love care and oneness among nation. Big ❤ for you.

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