LEGO Tensegrity Is Taking The AFOL World By Storm!

I’m sure that you’ve encountered at least one post on social media about these amazing structures that appear to defy gravity.

Tensegrity refers to the integrity of the structure that is derived from the balance of tension members. Essentially, opposing forces keep the structure from collapsing. (Disclaimer: I could be explaining it wrong)

Tensegrity actually got its first LEGO incarnation through cheng gang in November 2019 who built his own Tensegrity structure out of LEGO Technic parts and some string.

Jason Alleman (JK Brickworks) came up with his own take on it with LEGO elements and swapped out the string for LEGO chains which worked just as well.

It is pretty amazing some of the different versions that AFOLs have produced over the course of a few days and I’ve compiled some of the notable ones below!

Tower of Tensegrity by Full Plate

Castle in the Sky by Unknown

Duel of Tensegrity by Yak Yih Cheng

Temple of Tensegrity by u/Oiggamed

Antigravitron by Stu Pace

There are definitely a lot more interesting Tensegrity structures that I haven’t had the fortune to come across so if you do see anything interesting, do drop a comment below or on Facebook!

Oh and if you do want to build one on your own, Jason Alleman has the instructions to his build uploaded here.

I’ll leave you with this “Tensegrity” conundrum below. Can you figure out how it was done? *wink*

Defying Gravity by James Fryer

7 responses to “LEGO Tensegrity Is Taking The AFOL World By Storm!”

  1. Ian Barnett says:

    The last one’s upside down.

  2. LWR says:

    Is that last one hanging upside down (with the camera also upside down)? 😉

    • Mark Ovart says:

      its either an illusion to where you cannot see the bricks holding it up because they are white and it would look not so good at any other angle, or a camera trick, like it is actually on its side or something dumb, because that is impossible

  3. Victor Rodriguez says:

    Amazing structures, ideal to try at home during this hard time,
    How did you do “Defying Gravity”?
    thank you for sharing,

  4. Paul Nolan says:

    On the 5th April, my 13 year old son posted two Lego Tensegrity Structures that he designed and built on
    On that day he did a search for “Lego Tensegrity” on both google and YouTube.
    Zero results were returned.
    After he posted his efforts on the 5th April, the idea exploded!
    Google trends proves this.
    He feels a little aggrieved that he hasn’t got any credit for this.
    We challenge anyone to find any similar Lego Tensegrity structures posted before 5th April.
    Credit where it’s due?

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