Universal Pictures Acquire All LEGO Film Rights!

Ever since the planned movie based on the LEGO franchise from Warner Bros Animation didn’t materialise, the rights to the future filmic endeavours of the LEGO Group have been up for grabs.

Donna Langley (Chairman of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group) along with Jill Wilfert who is the Head of Entertainment of the LEGO Group announced that Universal Studios has landed an exclusive deal to produce and distribute all future LEGO movies for the next five years.

“The LEGO System in Play gives people the ability to build worlds and create stories that they carry throughout every phase of their lives,” said Langley. “To partner with such an iconic brand that remains relevant and is constantly evolving allows for creativity in storytelling. We’re thrilled to start building out the next chapter of LEGO movies together with Jill and the LEGO team as they continue to inspire curiosity and innovation.”

“Universal’s commitment to unique storytelling from diverse voices makes the Studio the perfect partner as the LEGO Group enters this new phase of filmmaking,” Wilfert added. “Donna and the entire Universal team bring a sense of wonder and imagination we share, and we can’t wait to execute on our shared vision.”

This would prove rather advantageous for both parties as Universal Pictures has a treasure trove of intellectual properties that are just ripe for adaptation AND LEGO sets.

LEGO already has the LEGO Jurassic World/Park theme and just added Minions, Trolls and Fast & Furious to the line up this year.

And there are still other properties like Back to the Future (please, please, please), Pacific Rim, James Bond and Mr. Bean that would lend themselves nicely to a cameo or two and hopefully some LEGO sets as well!

LEGO Hill Valley in LEGO Dimensions
Gypsy Avenger MOC by Chubbybots

Now that the films have shifted camp to Universal, I’m also wondering what would happen to the trove of DC characters appearing in future LEGO themed movies?

(Via Joblo.com)

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