LEGO House Exclusive Sets Available Online in May!

The LEGO House made an announcement today that their exclusive LEGO sets will be available on Shop@Home starting 1st May.

There are currently three LEGO House exclusives; LEGO House Set (21037) – 499DKK; LEGO Tree of Creativity (4000026) – 599DKK and LEGO House Dinosaurs (40366) – 599DKK; that you could only get at the LEGO House in Billünd Denmark.

LEGO Architecture LEGO House (21037))

Starting on the 1st of May, the LEGO House (21037) set will be available world wide while the remaining two will only be available in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland regions.

Prices may differ slightly based on the market regions but it should be around the same price if you would have bought it at the LEGO House.

It is great that LEGO is making the LEGO House available on Shop@Home around the world but it would be great if they would allow those without their online platform to have a chance to purchase it as well.

LEGO House exclusives to be sold via
The Covid-19 situation is closing down many great activities, and LEGO® House has had to extend its closing period until further notice. To continue to offer a little bit of the LEGO House atmosphere to all our fans, we have therefore decided to make the three existing LEGO House exclusive sets available via
The three products are:
LEGO House Set. 21037. (Launched September 2017)
Tree of Creativity. 4000026. (Launched March 2018)
LEGO House Dinosaurs. 40366 (Launched April 2019)
The items will be sold at the same, or locally equivalent, RRP that we sell the sets for in the LEGO House.
We are planning to have the sets available on from early May, 2020. The LEGO House Tree of Creativity and LEGO House Dinosaurs are on limited distribution to UK, DK, and IE only and we expect to have a purchase limit for each customer. Please notice that this is a limited time offer until LEGO House re-opens and the sets are only available while supplies last. As the LEGO House Tree of Creativity is a discontinued set, we have made certain to hold back sets for the (hopefully physical) AFOL Day in LEGO House in September.

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