LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 Preview!

One of my favourite themes from last year was Hidden Side and I’m really happy to see that its third wave is just around the corner.

French online retailer, Rakuten, has a handful of their 360° view videos listed and I’ve compiled them for you right here.

JB’s Submarine (70433) – €19.99

Supernatural Race Car (70434) – €29.99

Abandoned Prison of Newbury (70435) – €39.99

Ghost Firetruck 3000 (70436) – €79.99

LEGO Hidden Side is essentially LEGO’s take on the whole Ghostbusting business. They even have their own version of Slenderman to boot.

The sets should hit the shelves in June however there might be some delays due to the current global situation.

4 responses to “LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 Preview!”

  1. […] that Rakuten has already pulled out these images from their website so I would like to thank the Brickfinder for publishing these images. We all still prefer to see better, high-res images from LEGO […]

  2. Leigh S Ford says:

    Absolutely awesome🤩🤩

  3. Todd says:

    That — is one GORGEOUS fire truck

  4. Ronnie Ansell says:

    The Ghost Firetruck and Supernatural Race Car are great! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

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