LEGO House (21037) Is Currently Sold Out [Europe]

As I reported earlier in the week, the three LEGO House exclusive sets will be on sale sometime in the month of May and the listings went live not too long ago.

Only the LEGO House (21037) is available throughout Europe however the LEGO House Tree of Creativity (400026) and Dinosaur (40366) sets are only being sold in Denmark, Ireland and United Kingdom.

The LEGO House (21037) promptly sold out in approximately 30 minutes and it is currently on back order but the remaining two are still available so if you have any contacts in those regions, now is the time to hit them up.

  • LEGO House (21037) – €49.99 / 499,00 kr.
  • LEGO Tree of Creativity (4000026) – £59.99 / €64.99 / 599,00 kr.
  • LEGO Dinosaurs (40366) – £74.99 / €84.99 / 749,00 kr.

It is definitely disappointing for the other regions not included in this sales exercise because even when there isn’t a pandemic running amuck, traveling to Billünd, Denmark can be quite a challenge for AFOLs around the world.

The LEGO House exclusive sets were produced with the intention of only being sold in the LEGO House Store in Billund, DK. As such, the packaging and building instructions for these sets do not contain the legal requirements necessary for distribution in many other countries around the world. The LEGO House Architecture set will be available in all European countries, while distribution of LEGO House Dinosaurs and LEGO House Tree of Creativity will be limited to Denmark, UK, and Ireland.

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