LEGO Monkie Kid Character Teaser Posters Revealed!

LEGO has just released four new character teaser posters with a Chinese proverb attached to hint as to who they might be.

I’m not too sure of the two on the right but I figure the first poster should be of the Monkie Kid (Sun Wukong) and the one next to him should be Zhū Bājiè.


The Chinese “他” means “He/Him” and the actual proverb is “上天入地” (Shàng Tiān Rù Dì). It literally translates to Heaven and Earth but it has a deeper meaning which is actually “to seek”.


以食为天 (Yǐ Shí Weí Tiān) is actually part of a bigger proverb but on its own, it means that “Food is the most important”. I take it that this character is probably very hungry all the time.


威猛强悍 (Wēi Měng Qiáng Hàn) basically means that he is big and strong. A mighty warrior perhaps.


This character “她” (Tā) means “She / Her” which is the feminine pronoun of the “他” (Tā) that we saw earlier. 智勇双全 (Zhì Yǒng Shuāng Quán) means full of courage and wisdom.

My Chinese is not the best so forgive me if some of the translations are off. Do drop a comment below or on Facebook if you have better insight to the meanings!

As we already know, there will be a huge reveal on the 15th of May so mark your calendars!

(Additional images via Wooden Duck, Translations by HX/JL)

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