LEGO Haunted House (10273) Designer Video!

The huge announcement yesterday was the LEGO Haunted House (10273) set from the Fairground Collection which further redefines that AFOL experience.

LEGO also released a designer video that features Senior LEGO Designer Carl Merriam and LEGO Designer Mike Psiaki along with LEGO Graphic Designer Austin Carlson giving us a behind-the-brick look at the making of this take on a LEGOLAND theme park ride.

LEGO The Secret of the Sphinx (5978)

The set is chock full of easter eggs and they do share some with us like the reference to the LEGO The Secret of the Sphinx (5978) adventure set and the LEGO Alpha Team Ogel Control Center (6776) set.

LEGO Alpha Team Ogel Control Center (6776)

This set can also be augmented with LEGO Power Up functions and you’ll be able to control the elevator with a linked mobile device.

Austin Carlson did an amazing job with the graphic design and one in particular of Baron Von Baron whose painting reveals the hidden curse of the Sphinx when you shine a lightbrick from behind.

The elevator “free-fall” ride is a work of genius as it recreates the mechanics of the actual theme park ride in minifigure scale.

The LEGO Haunted House (10273) will be available on May 20th 2020 at LEGO Brand Stores for all VIP members and June 1st for the public.

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