LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Sneak Peek!

LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

So LEGO accidentally let slip this image of the upcoming building LEGO Mickey and Minnie Mouse a couple of days ago and we just got the approval to share it!

As most of you already know, LEGO has been releasing sets that target the adult fans directly with the recent LEGO Haunted House (10273) and the LEGO Star Wars Buildable Helmets.

LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Now they have revealed that they will be adding two brick built figures of Mickey and Minnie for the adult LEGO Disney fans come July.

This actually reminds me of the statues and figurines that they sell in Disneyland as these are designed as showpieces for a display shelf. There looks to be some ‘posability’ but I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t.

lego mickey minnie new elements

There looks to be a handful of new elements, colour variations along with printed parts and a re-introduction of existing elements in this set.

The red container barrel only made an appearance back when Fabuland was still around and it appears here as Mickey’s pant legs. The flower petals appears to be a new element as I don’t recall encountering it before.

There will be more images as well as a full product description coming soon so watch this space!

4 responses to “LEGO Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Sneak Peek!”

  1. David says:

    They look preaty ugly.

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  3. Zufi Abdul says:

    How much is the lego Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse going for in Australia

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