LEGO Marvel Iron Man Helmet (76165) Spotted at Target!


©Travis Towne

As some of you already know that a few of the LEGO Marvel Avengers sets have been delayed but I’m now able to confirm that the LEGO Marvel Iron Man Helmet (76165) has been spotted in some Target outlets across the United States!

The Target online store has the LEGO Iron Man Helmet listed and you still cannot click to buy it. However, there are some lucky AFOLs who managed to find them on the shelf at their local Target store.

There are varying release dates for the upcoming LEGO Marvel sets which is most likely due to stock availability in this Covid-19 pandemic.

As you can see, the other LEGO Marvel Iron Man Hulkbuster versus A.I.M. Agent (76164) is also stocked on the shelf.



It is pity that the eyes of Iron Man’s helmet are stickers but apart from that, the parts selection looks pretty good. I’m stoked that the helmet is comprised of so much metallic gold and dark red elements!

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