LEGO Super Mario App Is Now Available!

The iOS and Google app store have updated their libraries with the LEGO Super Mario App just a few days ahead of the actual set launch on August 1st.

The mobile application allows you to interact with the LEGO Super Mario figure from the starter kit and is able to unlock the digital versions of your physical LEGO Super Mario sets and combine them into your very own virtual obstacle course.

LEGO Super Mario App

Essentially, this application is a game designer tool which actually teaches you how to successfully create an engaging Super Mario level that you and your friends can play.

LEGO Super Mario App

LEGO Super Mario App

There are a few other features within that I haven’t had the chance to unlock (as I’m still waiting for my Starter Kit to arrive) but if you have the time, you can download it now so that you’ll have it handy when the sets are officially released.

The official date of release is August 1st, 2020. Will update if there are any changes.

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