LEGO Harry Potter CMF Series 2 (71028) Spotted in Romania

The Lucky LEGO Store in Romania has started selling the LEGO Harry Potter CMF Series 2 and some eagle eyed AFOLs manage to get their hands on some.

From the box we are now able to determine the line up of characters featured in this series:

  1. Harry Potter with Advanced Potion-Making
  2. Professor Albus Dumbledore with Fawkes
  3. Hermione Granger with butterbeer
  4. Ron Weasley with butterbeer
  5. Luna Lovegood with lion hat
  6. Griphook with Sword of Gryffindor
  7. Lily Potter with baby Harry
  8. James Potter with family photograph
  9. Ginny Weasley with ice cream
  10. Fred Weasley with suitcase
  11. George Weasley with marauders map
  12. Bellatrix Lestrange in prison outfit
  13. Kingsley Shacklebolt with broom
  14. Moaning Myrtle
  15. Professor Pomona Sprout with mandrake
  16. Neville Longbottom with the Monster Book of Monsters

There is still no word on when this will hit the rest of the market regions but it should still adhere to the usual pricing of SGD6.50 / $3.99 / 3.99€.

Will update when I have more information.

(Additional information via stf250studios)

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