LEGO + Levi’s Product Line Sneak Peek!

LEGO + Levi's

I posted earlier about a collaboration between LEGO and the denim apparel brand Levi’s and now we have a handful of images and a line up of the upcoming products!

Spielwaren has published a list of products ranging from a “Levis 501 with a embroidered LEGO logo, a denim jacket, dark T-shirts with a big red LEGO 2 × 4 brick with the Levi’s lettering on the brick, Sweaters and hoodies in the basic colour white, which is flanked by the classic LEGO colors. There will also be a black sweater, several baseball caps, a bandana with LEGO minifigure heads on it and a fanny pack”.

LEGO + Levi's

Promobricks managed to get the product images to some of the apparel which you can see below. They each have a malleable 6×6 plate attached which allows you to decorate it with the DOTS elements.


There is also a packet of LEGO + Levi’s “DOTS” elements that I suspect will be either a gift with purchase when you buy an item or something that can be bought in addition to whatever apparel you bought.

They are tiles which come in yellow, black, red and white which are the LEGO and Levi’s logo colours.

The German launch for this collaboration is slated for the 10th of September and I’ll try to find out if this will be unveiled simultaneously in other markets or if it will a rolling launch.

3 responses to “LEGO + Levi’s Product Line Sneak Peek!”

  1. […] to Spielwaren (via Brickfinder), the products range from a pair of Levi’s 501 with embroidered LEGO logo, a denim jacket, a dark […]

  2. Emma says:

    Already got the beanie in UK and it has attached to it a bag of dots for the front! It is totally amazing!

  3. Emma says:

    Is there any way of posting a picture?

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