Exclusive Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Teaser Trailer!

We have just crossed the halfway mark for September which means that it will be Bricktober time in less than two weeks!

While the Toys ‘R’ Us (TRU) brand is slowly restarting their retail outlets state side, they have been prospering in the Asia Pacific market regions which allowed them to continue their tradition of launching exclusive LEGO sets in the month of October.

The Toys ‘R’ Us Facebook page for Singapore just posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming promotion, which will most likely be a gift with purchase, that features what appears to be a carnival theme micro build.

We can catch a glimpse of a micro scale ferris wheel along with a trophy figure which does suggest that this might follow the same format as last year’s Bricktober which had four models representing each season.

As mentioned earlier, this will most likely be available as a gift with purchase so if you’re one to collect these, best to start planning your purchases now.

It was a minimum spend of SGD$65 to obtain one and I think it is safe to say that TRU would follow the same redemption amount.

There will be more information soon so watch this space!

5 responses to “Exclusive Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Teaser Trailer!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Is this available in Canada?

  2. Flaming Bricks says:

    Will there be Bricktober sets in the US this year?

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