Return of The LEGO Star Wars Gift Box!

There were some images of a LEGO Star Wars Gift Box being circulated on the interwebs earlier today and we are now able to confirm it’s existence!

A LEGO Certified Store in Russia has listed the LEGO Star Wars Gift Box which if you remember from 2018, contained an assortment of LEGO Star Wars themed polybags, keychains and minifigures.

While the contents of this mystery box is still unknown, it should be still worth the redemption amount if we are to assume that this will be a gift with purchase for the holidays.

It is actually available for order on the Russian LEGO Certified Store website for 6499₽ (SGD113 / USD83) but it will only ship to Moscow and “nearby regions”.

There are reports that the gift box contains :

  • The Mandalorian and the Child (75317)
  • Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Invisible Writer Set
  • Brick Sketches™ First Order Stormtrooper (40391)
  • Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (40333)
  • Death Star II Battle (40407)
  • Star Wars R3-m2 Polybag (40268)
  • LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build UFO (40030)
  • LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build UFO (40129)
  • LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader keychain (850353)

Hopefully this will show up in other global market regions soon as the holiday season is just around the corner.

Product Description

The Gift box is an exclusive limited edition set that is intriguing from the start. A gift box is always a surprise, because no one knows what is inside it! However, the packaging provides a hint – this set will definitely delight Star Wars fans!

Inside the themed box you will find a set based on one of the important battles, the characters of the Saga, exclusive gifts and … Open the new Gift box soon to find out what’s inside!

The Secret Set is a great gift idea as you give not only LEGO®, but also lively emotions. You don’t have to worry whether you like the set you have chosen or not, because the filling of the new Gift box will be appreciated by everyone who is passionate about the famous Saga!

(Additional info via zusammengebaut )

4 responses to “Return of The LEGO Star Wars Gift Box!”

  1. Martina phelan says:

    I’m very interested in this purchase
    Could you please let me know if you can ship this to Vancouver Canada as my son is a big star wars fan
    And would make a great Christmas present
    Many thanks
    Martina phelan

  2. Aaron John stocker says:

    yet again another regional thing by lego im going to have to pay x3 the price for

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