Review: Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Roller Coaster

The second Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive Bricktober set was released last Friday and it had already sold out in some Toys ‘R’ Us outlets by Saturday which is a testament to it’s popularity.

The micro-scale series features a roller coaster that expands the amusement park theme that started last week with the ferris wheel.


Following the template that was set by the Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Ferris Wheel, the box for this week’s roller coaster sports a purple facade with the same flip top opening.

There is a paper cut out that is of the Ferris Wheel which makes me wonder if the box decorations were swapped at the last minute as I figure it would have been better for it to correspond to the set that is advertised on the outside.


The folded instructions are packed in the usual black slip case that rest on top of the bricks. There are a total of 111 pcs split into two ziploc bags.

The two ziploc bags belongs to the Roller Coaster build itself and the base that the micro build sits on.

Build Experience

The Bricktober promotions has generally been catering to the casual LEGO fan with it’s elegant design and easy to follow instructions.

I really do enjoy constructing micro scale builds as they often implement unique design techniques and elements to achieve the look that is required.

Take for example the roller coaster cars which are actually minifigure roller skates accessories.

They used tiles and curve slopes to represent the tracks of the roller coaster and the 1×1 headlight brick as the ticket booth.

There are two printed tiles in this whole set and one is the much sought after 2×2 LEGO logo printed tile while the other is of a 2×2 round tile with a pizza print.As with most Bricktobers, these are super kid friendly and even non-LEGO fans should have no trouble building this.


There isn’t any play features in this week’s offering as opposed to last week with the moveable ferris wheel. This is a more static display piece and I think that it is done really well given the size restriction.

The use of the LEGO minifigure roller skate accessory as one of the roller coaster cars was quite ingenious and these are the bits really do enjoy while building LEGO.

If you notice the LEGO Technic 1×1 bricks with hole in the Ferris Wheel build from last week, this is the reason why.

The promotional sets this year (and last year) retained the same ability to connect all four LEGO Bricktober sets together via the base which I feel was a great way to display them on a shelf or desk.


As I mentioned before, the minimum requirement to redeem a Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober gift with purchase (GWP) is only SGD$65 (USD$47) spent on any LEGO product.


  • Elegant micro scaled design
  • Connects to the other Bricktober sets
  • Classy packaging


  • Only available Asia at the moment

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