Liven Up Your Wall With The Periodic Table of LEGO Colours!

LEGO elements and parts provider WLWYB (We Love What You Build) has recently launched a cool piece of LEGO related paraphernalia that is not only a great wall decoration but a handy tool for builders as well.

The Periodic Table of The LEGO Colours features 70 unique colours and 12 different elements. Each entry contains the name of the colour, the year it was introduced and both the LEGO and Bricklink ID numbers.

It can be framed although you would need to use a box frame or remove the protective glass as the elements protrude out.

The poster is retailing for USD39.90 but it seems to come with free shipping when I was at the check out. I’m not sure if that applies globally so it would be best to check. You can check it out WLWYB for more details.


Granted that there are over 180 different LEGO colours in existence (including the retired colours), this chart does not cover even half of that. However, it is still a pretty nice colour reference for the novice builder.

Just FYI, this is not a sponsored post. I just came across it while surfing and thought it was cool to share!

The First Periodic Table of The LEGO Colors.

It features 70 different colors and 12 different shapes of pieces that shows the diversity of LEGO bricks. This fun, colorful and unique piece of product is the best decoration you’ve known by far. Every box tells the name of the color, the year of manufacture, and both LEGO and Bricklink ID’s.

The Periodic Table of The LEGO Colors turns those stark, bare walls into stylish centerpieces.

Package: 1 piece

Item Weight: 12.3 oz / 345 g

Size: 15.7 x 11.8 x 0.6 in / 40 x 30 x 1.5 cm

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  1. Robert Newstead says:

    Hi is it possible to get one of these shipped to the Uk ?

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