LEGO Monkie Kid 2021 Sets Official Images!

A Taiwanese online toy store revealed the entire line up for the next wave of LEGO Monkie Kid when they updated their product listings with the sets for 2021.

I’ve compiled them here and would have done so earlier as we were waiting on some clarification on whether we were actually able to share this.

The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain (80024) – 1949pcs

Monkie Kid’s Team Quadcopter (80023) – 1462pcs – €129.99

Spider Queen’s Arachnoid Base (80022) – 1170pcs

Monkie Kid’s Lion Guardian (80021) – 774pcs

White Dragon Horse Jet (80020) – 565pcs

Red Son’s Inferno Jet (80019)

Monkie Kid’s Cloud Bike (80018) – 203pcs

I have to admit that I’m quite partial to the The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain (80024) set as it features a really nice mountain facade plus it also has quite a number of Monkey minifigures to boot.

The sets will launch on March 1st at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores around the world.

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