LEGO Marvel CMF (71031) Series Rumoured To Be Based On Disney+

I reported on a possible LEGO Marvel Cinematic Universe Collectible Minifigure Series earlier in January and there has been a development in terms what the character selection might just focus on.

Lego_Fulcrum is reporting that there is a very high possibility Marvel’s inaugural minifigure series will indeed give the characters of Disney’s online streaming venture the minifigure treatment.

There is a whole slate of streaming titles that includes WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What if…? which could be tapped on.

It would be pretty straightforward for LEGO to fill up the minifigure roster with characters from the first two titles alone.

Right off the bat you have Wanda Maximoff, Vision (both in their original costumes and Black and White variants) along with Agatha Harkness, Quicksilver, Jimmy Wu, Monica Rambeau. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier could yield Baron Zimo, Sharon Carter, The Falcon, Winter Soldier.

Not to mention that there are a whole bunch of new titles in development, this is a veritable gold mine of Marvel minifigures if LEGO and Disney can keep it going.


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