LEGO Classic Baseplates Slated For Early Retirement

We actually got wind of this some time during the launch of the new LEGO brick built road plates that replaced the older baseplates.

There seems to be some legs to this rumour as there are a few retailers who are saying that the current selection of LEGO baseplates had their EOL (end of line) dates pushed up to February 2022.

While some are calling this an end to the classic LEGO baseplates and heralding a new paradigm shift in the LEGO system, I feel that it could be that LEGO is consolidating their manufacturing processes.

Either way, we do have less than a year to stock up on the colours that we need for our dioramas. I definitely need to get my hands on a few more white baseplates for my winter scene.


4 responses to “LEGO Classic Baseplates Slated For Early Retirement”

  1. Mark Hodgson says:

    Could you explain further your comment about this move being because they’re “consolidating their manufacturing processes”. Does this really mean no more baseplates in the future?

    • Brickfinder says:

      It is a little known fact that baseplates have been outsourced for production as they are not produced by injection moulding. My speculation is that they are trying to bring the production back in house and that might have a change in the LEGO system (ie Road Plates).

  2. xKoBiEx says:

    To me, this means reliable 32×32 plates. Walmart “PlayDay” plates are acceptable for simple builds but not for laying a foundation of a $200+ modular. I am looking forward to seeing what LEGO does here but I suspect we will be happy with the end result; at least those of us who don’t have dozens to hundreds of the old system supporting their structures.

  3. Ed says:

    Will Lego provide some type of replacement?

    As I understand it, their new roadway plates go in between buildings, not under them, so they’re not a replacement for standard base plates.

    Plus these plates are used as a base for a lot more than just structures.

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