Get A Kick Out Of The World Largest LEGO Football

We’re well into the Group stage of the UEFA EURO Cup 2021 and to commemorate the most popular sport in the world, LEGO has created the world largest football made our of LEGO Bricks!

It is on display at the LEGO House right now and it took the team of engineers, designers and builders a total of 150 hours to complete.

This massive LEGO orb is located at the central foyer of the LEGO house and consists of 173,600 classic 2×2 LEGO bricks and towers at 4 meters tall.

You can check out the time lapse of how 200kg of LEGO bricks gets transformed into the most painful football ever made.

The structure will be on display till the UEFA EURO Cup concludes on July 11th. What are your winning team predictions?

Full press release:

World’s biggest football made of LEGO® bricks

LEGO® House, in the LEGO hometown of Billund, Denmark, is presenting the world’s largest ever football made of LEGO bricks on June 2.

From June 2, when Denmark faces Germany in a trial match, and during the upcoming European Football Championship ending on July 11, LEGO House will be displaying the world’s largest LEGO brick-built football – made by employees during the corona lockdown.

The world’s biggest football made of LEGO bricks was built during the corona lockdown by employees at LEGO house. Cleaners, designers, kitchen staff, Play Agents and even the CEO have all contributed to the giant ball.

They together assembled 173,600 classic 2×2 LEGO bricks while the experience centre had to remain closed during the corona lockdown.

During the construction process in the large LEGO Square in LEGO House, cleaning assistant Kathrin Grosen commented: “it’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with so many people across the various departments”.

The football weighs 2.5 tonnes and is over 4 metres tall. It is made up of 75 black and white modules, which the proud designer – Experience Manager Søren Hansen Hinge – feels is the classic football design. “The football design is the iconic football that everyone can recognise. We could have used the design from the European Championship, but I’m not sure everyone would recognise it as a football, even though it looks great.”

The world-record breaking football can be viewed free of charge in the publicly accessible Square in LEGO House, up until the European Championship final on July 11.

“The corona period has been an extremely difficult time for many people, and I can think of no better thing to bring us together than such a major sporting event – where I believe Denmark has a chance to go all the way,” says CEO Jesper Vilstrup.


  • The world’s largest LEGO brick-built football is over 4 metres tall (4.10 m)
  • It has been built around a construction and has taken employees 150 hours to complete
  • The LEGO bricks have been built into 75 modules that were then put together
  • 173,600 2×2 LEGO bricks were used to make the giant football
  • The entire structure weighs 2.5 tonnes
  • The LEGO bricks alone weigh 200 kg

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