LEGO Developer Octodesk Summit 2021 Edition (94107) Discovered!

GitHub’s developer conference just concluded and they just raised their corporate swag game with the LEGO Developer Octodesk Summit 2021 Edition (94107)!

The set features a BrickHeadz inspired version of their black cat logo, coding in front of the computer.

It also comes with a handful of sticker sheets to help your personalise your workstation which is the more practical option for a set like this.

You can choose from multiple expressions of the cat as well as the what is displayed on the monitor along with decals that you can decorate your desk with.

There is no word on who designed this but it seems clear that it is a collaboration with LEGO like the previous LEGO IKEA Dresden 15th Anniversary set that was given out to employees in 2017.

Via Andrew Stanton-Nurse @anurse

I’m sure these will make their way to eBay eventually for a significant mark up but as I don’t see any unique or printed parts, this might be cheaper than its predecessors.

Via Mustafa Hepekiz @hepekiz

Stickers or not, it is still a really cute set to have on your desk that is representative of your profession.

Now where can I git one?

3 responses to “LEGO Developer Octodesk Summit 2021 Edition (94107) Discovered!”

  1. Tim Lincoln says:

    Where can I obtain one of these as my son is learning to code and develop his own games.

  2. Margarida Ascenção says:

    O would love to know the price and how can I get it.
    It’s an amazing idea.
    I work in the HR of an IT Company and our Birthday is coming.
    I think that our Team Members Will apreciate a lot this Developer Lego.

  3. Dobule zinger burger says:

    It’s awesome. How can I get it?

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