LEGO Creator Sets Reissued With New Colours!

I actually heard about this earlier this year and now a couple of LEGO Certification pages have revealed that some LEGO Creator sets will be released in brand new colours.

The LEGO Creator Fiat 500 (77942) is slated to be released in a light azure blue colour while the LEGO Mighty Dinosaurs (77941) will be remade in a dark blue motif.

I guess this is LEGO’s way of joining in one of the time honoured tradition of doing a colour mods of your LEGO sets like the T1 Camper Van when it first came out.

Either way, I think this might be an interesting development. I’m sure there are those of us who wished they actually had the T1 Camper Vans in various colours.

There isn’t any launch dates for these reissues so it could be that LEGO is waiting for them to move off the shelf before introducing these. Will keep you posted on any other LEGO Creator sets that are getting a colour update. Watch this space!

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